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Founded in 1996, CDC has focused on the development of system furniture and various interior decoration materials to provide customers with better service and more innovative and diverse products. CDC respect and care for our customers and market needs, and continue to provide high-quality products and services; we become partners for our customers, and steadily enhance business performance. In order to obtain product knowledge, we integrate multi-field messages and training program, trying to raise a balanced way of new knowledge and applications, regardless of the technology and product innovation, shaping its market demand is essential.

We import particle boards from Europe and processes finished products in Taiwan. The maximum processing size is 2070mm x 2800mm. At the moment, there are more than 80 colors and 10 surface textures; the whole manufacturing process is automated. The choice of rich colors, popular woods and abstract patterns, representing classic and modern diverse styles, meets the needs of the office, home and business markets.

Excellent human resources are the lifeblood of enterprise development. We value the quality of our employees. It is a dynamic team, fast action and acumen, understanding the current situation of the market, discovering demand and providing new products. Workplace requirements require cleanliness and safety, is an environment in which employee proposals and complaints can be released. For those who have the ability, equal employment opportunities, capacity development and promotion.

CDC is committed to corporate responsibility and actively participates in social welfare. We strive to protect the environment and resources, fulfill the responsibility of the company for the society, assist the families in need through the community of public welfare organizations, and care for the repair of vulnerable families.CDC give back to society to creating a better living space.



On May 04, 2022

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Baodao warm current! Good-hearted people don’t collect money to help repair the house.

On Jul 28, 2016

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"Civil society is more reliable than officials" Home repair! Aunt tears volunteers

On Jul 28, 2016

A netizen posted a photo of the victims and volunteers on Facebook, which made many people deeply touched. Some even said that this was "the most moving photo of the year."

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